Bond All Ultra


Universal Adhesive and Joint Sealant

Bond All Ultra is a universal adhesive & sealant suitable for bonding all metals, woods, PVC, EPDM, lead, zinc, copper, mirrors, natural stone, polystyrene, glass & concrete. Bond All Ultra will replace all kinds of adhesives and sealants due to its versatility.



Bond All Ultra is a Universal Adhesive and Joint Sealant

Bond All Ultra is a Permanently Elastic Adhesive and Sealant. This sealant and adhesive has high absorption of acoustic vibrations, making it ideal for helping prevent noise transfer. It has a fast curing or fast drying time with no shrinkage. This sealant and adhesive comes with high mechanical resistance, and high mould and bacteria resistance. When working with natural stone or marble, Bond All will leave no edge contamination.

This adhesive and sealant is the most competitively priced in Ireland. It is directly comparable to any of the big label sealants, without the big price tag. If you have any questions, contact our team today.

Bond All Ultra will bond with most common construction materials, even under water. This sealant is ISEGA certified for use in the food industry. It is ideal for adhering a wide range of materials. Bond All Ultra can be used on metal, wood, EPDM, mirrors, polystyrene, concrete and natural stone. It is completely free from solvents, plasticisers, silicone and isocyanate. This sealant is UV resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. A seal can be made on wet or difficult surfaces. Hoping to fill a gap and make it invisible? Bond All Ultra can be over-painted to ensure will never know any work was completed.

Bond All is available to order now in a choice of 4 colours:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Transparent

Orders and Delivery

At Action Adhesives, we endeavor to get all our orders delivered as soon as possible. Our team offers next day package delivery on all Republic of Ireland orders placed before 3pm (Mon – Fri). For larger pallet orders, we recommend ordering before 11am to secure next day delivery. We offer Free Delivery on all online package orders over €250. Online orders to a value less than €250 are charged €10 for delivery. Please note, delivery times may be subject to change, based on location and external factors outside our control.

Additional information


EC1 – Very Low Emissions, Indoor Air Comfort Certified Product, ISEGA Food Industry Approved

Pack Size

x12 (€4.70/tube), x12 (€4.95/tube), x6 (€5.45/tube), x6 (€5.80/tube)


Super strong

Permanently elastic

Solvents and isocyanate free

Safe on mirrors, and natural stone


Mould and bacteria resistant

Waterproof and airtight

Food approved

Excellent UV Resistance

Polystyrene Safe

Overpaintable with most water-based and 2K paint systems


Bonding mirrors to wood and other surfaces

Fixing & sealing PVC panels & trims

Use as a panel adhesive for skirting board, architrave, decorative & timber panels

Bonding & Sealing of lead, EPDM, GRP & most common roofing materials

Sealing of joints in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and most metals

Sealing of guttering joints

Bonding & Sealing of panels in the conversion & repair of motorhomes, boats & caravans.

Perimeter pointing around doors & windows in mobile & modular buildings

Sanitary Applications

Bonding & sealing worktop joints

Bonding of characters & nameplates on gravestones

Use as a Sealant & Adhesive in the Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Refrigeration sectors

Bonding dissimilar materials,

  • wood to metal,
  • wood to concrete,
  • concrete to metal,
  • PVC to plasterboard,
  • PVC to concrete,
  • GRP to wood,
  • GRP to Polystyrene,
  • Stainless Steel to wood,
  • Stainless Steel to metal,
  • Stainless Steel to concrete.
  • EPDM to wood,
  • EPDM to metal,
  • EPDM to concrete,
  • aluminium to wood,
  • aluminium to concrete.
  • Wood to galvanised steel
  • and much more


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Sealant Calculator

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