Brushable Solvent Based Adhesives

Our range of brushable solvent based adhesives are suitable for a wide range of different applications. They provide excellent adhesion to range of substrates. You can find brushable adhesives in use in industries such as construction, fabrication and automotive.

You will find a wide range of benefits associated with a brushable adhesive. One significant benefit is the ease of application. The adhesive is applied similar to paint, with a paint roller or paint brush.

Our brushable solvent adhesives are perfect for uneven surfaces. They can be used for their gap filling properties when you need to ensure a smooth even bond line is created.

See our product range below.

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  • Axil 1156

    Axil 1156 – Automotive Adhesive

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  • Axil 1210 – Brushable Contact Adhesive

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  • Polystyrene Adhesive

    Polystyrene Adhesive – Axil 1835

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  • Nitrile Rubber Adhesive

    S1300 – Nitrile Rubber Adhesive

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  • Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

    S1657 – Synthetic Rubber Adhesive

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