WT05 – High Strength Threadlocker


Action WT05 is a high strength anaerobic threadlocker.

It is designed to permanently lock metal threaded components. This threadlocker locks fasteners up to 25mm in diameter, sealing against leakage and corrosion. Action WT05 is designed for ultimate strength metal fastener applications such as studs into motor housings.

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WT05 is a green anaerobic threadlocker.

  • WT05 is thixotropic, which reduces the migration of the liquid adhesive following application.
  • Once cured, the WT05 resists attack from most fuels, lubricants and even most industrial gases.
  • This low viscosity threadlocker will suit both fine and medium threaded metal parts, that will not require periodic disassembly.
  • Suitable for fastening studs into motor homes.


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