Seal All NBS


Seal All NBS is a single component polyurethane foam. It is a durable and fast curing single-part insulation and assembly foam.

Seal All NBS has been developed for sealing and filling joints, seams and connections in building industry. The foam is CFC, HCFC and HFC free. This foam can be used for sealing joints between partition walls, ceiling and floor. It is not suitable for under water applications and not suitable for the filling of large confined spaces. When layering different layers, a waiting time of 15-30min should be observed.

Minimum Order is 3 units.

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  • Quick-Drying
  • High Yield
  • High Product Density
  • Seal All NBS is suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Not UV Resistant
  • High Insulation Value
  • Finished with plaster
  • Seal All NBS maybe painted over post application

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Single Pack (€4.75/unit)

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