Foam Tapes

We have a range of foam tapes for a range of applications including sealing, preventing moisture, water, dirt and vapour.

Our tapes are available in a number of dimesions. They can be used for a wide range of applications, that are viewable in the Tab below.

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  1. Excellent shelf Life
  2. Won’t run or sag
  3. Very economical – very fast to install with less wastage
  4. Minimal surface preparation
  5. Suitable for all weather conditions
  6. Very clean to use, eliminating the use of harsh solvents to clean up excess sealant.
  7. Pre-sized to fit the joint

Applications for Foam Tapes

  • General mounting of signs
  • Mirrors
  • Posters
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Aluminium
  • PVC’s
  • Paper & Cards

Foam Tape Science

They work by being compressible and elastometric. Their closed air-structure is resistant to air, vapour, moisture, dirt, and sound penetration and as they are dimensionally stable, they won’t ooze or run. When compressed, the cell walls maintain a memory of their natural state, and apply an outward pressure that seals the joint. They also ensure a positive seal against irregular surfaces and are very resilient and are excellent option if your require long term performance sealant on a very demanding application.

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