Bond All Ultra Range


Bond All Ultra is a universal adhesive and joint sealant. It will bond with most common construction materials, even under water. This sealant is ISEGA certified for use in the food industry. It is ideal for adhering a wide range of materials. Bond All Ultra can be used on metal, wood, EPDM, mirrors, polystyrene, concrete and natural stone. It is completely free of solvents, plasticisers, silicone and isocyanate. This sealant is UV resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. A seal can be made on wet or difficult surfaces. Hoping to fill a gap and make it invisible? Bond All Ultra can be over-painted to ensure will never know any work was completed.

Choose from 4 Colour Options:

  • Black
  • Clear
  • White
  • Transparent


Characteristics of Bond All Ultra

Bond All Ultra is a Permanently elastic adhesive and sealant

  • High absorption of acoustic vibrations
  • Fast-curing
  • No Shrinkage
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Mould and bacteria resistant
  • No edge contamination with marble and natural stone
  • Isocyanate, solvent and silicone free
  • Bond All Ultra can be painted over with most water based and 2K paint systems
  • Virtually odour free


Additional information


EC1 – Very Low Emissions, Indoor Air Comfort Certified Product, ISEGA Food Industry Approved

Pack Size

1 Tube, Box, x3 €15.75 (€5.25/tube), x3 €16.50 (€5.50/tube), x6 €31.50 (€5.25/tube), x6 €33 (€5.50/tube), Box of 12 €60 (€5/tube), Box of 12 €55.20 (€4.60/tube)

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