MS Polymer

Boasting The Strength Of Polyurethane, Weather Resistance Of Silicone, Action Adhesives MS Polymer Is The Latest Generation Of High Performance Sealants

Action Adhesives are Ireland’s largest supplier of the fantastic innovation in sealants MS Polymer. MS Polymer is known for high bond strength on virtually all substrates, and offers fantastic adhesion to difficult to bond substrates such as PVC and Glass. It is also exceptionally easy to use, and are also Solvent, Silicone & Iscoynantes free.

Various different applications require MS Polymer such as the following:

  • Construction Applications
  • Transportation
  • Industrial Fields
  • DIY Applications
  • Air Conditioning Applications
  • Sanitary Applications
  • General Maintenance

10 Great Reasons to choose MS Polymer Sealants from Action Adhesives:

  1. Excellent UV resistance- Suitable for outdoor/indoor sealing and bonding applications. It is also used in construction.
  2. Non staining- Non staining qualities, making it exceptionally suitable for sealing on alkaline materials, concrete, marble stones, and granite.
  3. Less dirt pick up-It has no-static charge to attract dust particles, hence it will reduce the dust deposit on the sealant. This reduces the problems that are common with elasto melic sealants, this helps save on cleaning and maintenance costs.
  4. Paintable- Its paintable with various types of colours of paint, this improves the aesthicic finishing of the joints.
  5. Primer-Less Bonding- It adds good bonding to most substrates, without the need of a primer. It can also bond to other difficult to bond substrates, such as aluminium, stainless steel, polycarbonate, abs, and pvc.
  6. Instant Grip, features high strength support on bathroom accessories, panels, widely used for the construction and shipbuilding industries.
  7. Mirror Safe- It will not react to the coating on mirrors, meaning it is also suitable for various types of mirrors, and colour coated applications.
  8. Anti-Fungal Properties, – Suitable for applications on wet, and high humidity areas, such as sinks, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  9. Wet- Surface Bonding- It can even bond on the substrates that are damp or wet, such as drip spots, aquariums, leaks on water gutters.
  10. Crystal Clear- When it comes to glass to glass bonding, it provides a crystal clear finish.

Action Adhesives stock MS Polymer in Black, Grey, White and Transparent colours in 400ml and 600ml sausages.

Our technical team are more than happy to assist you get the right product for your application, and have helped thousands of customers over the years.

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