UV Cure Adhesive

UV Cure Adhesives Is Excellent For Bonding glass & Many More Applications

UV Cure adhesive, are single part, cure-on-demand adhesives suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates. They work through exposure to ultra violet light. It does not dissolve, melt or weaken either component, and forms a strong chemical bond between the two substrates. UV cure adhesive is excellent for bonding glass to metal, and glass to glass, and forms exceptionally high strength bonds for load bearing joints.

UV Cure Adhesive is perfect for the applications such as the following:

  • Assembly of glass furniture & display cases
  • Automotive assembly
  • Sign & Display applications
  • Plastic package assembly
  • Bonding plastics

6 Great Reasons to choose UV Cure Adhesives from Action Adhesives:

  1. They are 100% solid, meaning their is no wastage
  2. All of the UV adhesives we supply, provide an excellent finished appearance
  3. Save Energy and Space- UV lamps require less electricity and space in comparison to ovens
  4. Mixing not required- Single part adhesive
  5. UV Cure adhesive is environmentally friendly and solvent free, and is also non flammable
  6. Production can be increased by adding further lamps to the line

Action Adhesives UV cure adhesives bond to wide variety of plastics. We supply UV cure adhesives , that are formulated plastic glues with both UV and visible light curing properties. This allows plastics be bonded, that may have UV stabilizers which block the transmission of UV light.

Two of our most popular UV Cure Adhesives include:

UV 632 <<<<<<<< Click to view full technical datasheet
UV 648 <<<<<<<< Click to view full technical datasheet
UV Cure Adhesive Table – Following link provides specific application requirements- on a range of UV Curable adhesives at Action Adhesives.

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