Doming Resin

Doming Resin from Action Adhesives enhances logos, creates a 3-D effect, and makes products much more attractive

Doming is the process of applying a clear resin coating to a coated label or a vinyl graphic. These give a 3-D effect, enhancing logos and signs, making it more attractable, and draws more attention to the product. Our Resins are essentially epoxy, and can be found in some cases to cure within as little as 5 minutes, or sometimes several hours. Doming Resins curing time can be influenced by altering the temperature within the working environments. By simply turning up the thermostat, you can speed things up, and if you wish to maximize your working time, you should complete your work in the coldest possible temperature.

Doming Resin are excellent for the applications such as the following:

  • Automotive applications [Used in the dash panel, alumina wheel, and the logos for steering wheels]
  • Motorcycles [Used for the emblem of the model and company name]
  • Fridges (Used for the emblem of company logo and model name)
  • Dishwashers (Used for the emblem of company logo and model name)
  • Washing Machines (Used for the emblem of company logo and model name)
  • Sports Goods ( Used on jerseys, shorts, runners, footballs, and sports equipment for company logo and styling design)

Action Adhesives Doming Resin display excellent properties such as:

  • UV Stable
  • Durable to Outdoor Conditions
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Semi Flexible

Check out the following video showing Doming Resin in Action:

Action Adhesives doming resin is used to improve casting product quality and help manufacturers produce high quality products.



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