Two Part Structural Accessories

Find the Two Part Structural Accessories for all your Glue needs here

Here at Action Adhesives, we stock a range of two part structural accessories. This includes two part manual guns depending on your product needs. Our range also includes different ratio mixers depending on your adhesive needs.

All our 2 part accessories are designed for use with all our two part structural adhesives. Click Here to view our range. These accessories are perfect for mixing all our 2 part adhesives. These accessories include mixers and applicators. Each of the accessories are designed for specific mix ratios.

If you need more information about 2 part accessories or adhesives, contact our team here. These are often used as an alternative to welding.  Our team have years of experience supporting Irish business. When working with our team, they will use this experience to ensure you get the most suitable adhesive for your needs.

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  • co-axial 410ml gun

    10:1 co-axial 410ml gun

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  • 400ml Manual Gun

    400ml Manual Gun

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  • 2 Part Adhesive Mixer

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  • 50ml Manual Guns

    50ml Manual Guns

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  • 10:1 Mixer

    10:1 Mixer

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