Medical Adhesives from Permabond

May 29 2020 Medical

At Action Adhesives, we work with companies that provide great and innovative products. One company that supply a niche that is particularly relevant at the current time is Permabond.

Permabond are experts in the supply of adhesives in the medical sector. They have a wide range of products that can be purchased through Action Adhesives.

Applications for Permabond Medical Adhesives

Permabond have a wide range of other adhesives available. At Action Adhesives we are an Official Distributor in Ireland. To learn more about how we can support you with medical adhesives, call our Team Today!

  • Permabond 4C10
    Permabond 4C10
  • Permabond 820
    Permabond 820
  • Permabond 240
    Permabond 240
  • Permabond 105
    Permabond 105