Paper & Packaging Adhesives for Industrial Applications

Our team of Hot Melt experts work with the biggest paper & packaging companies to provide bespoke adhesive solutions. Our adhesives for the paper and packaging sector are typically Hot Melt based but can come from other product categories. This range of glue is usually used in combination with a Hot Melt Glue Machine. These machines are available through our sister company Hot Melt Equipment. All our glue machines, come with the most suitable glue for your paper and packaging application plus a service plan for continued running efficiency.

Our Paper and Packaging adhesives are used for booking binding, paper laminating, carton sealing, glue lap manufacturing and more. Each glue is selected for the unique specific purpose. The glue can come in various forms from bead, to pellet, to blocks.

At Action Adhesives, we supply both Packaging and Paper Adhesives to range of organizations across both Ireland & the UK. Our team have decades of experience helping industry professionals in this sector get the correct adhesive for their applications. If you have a question, Click Here to Contact our Team Today.

To visit our sister site, for a Glue Machine, Click Blue Box link.

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